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This is the full documentation for Domain Mapping System - a cool little WordPress plugin that lets you map multiple domains to a single WordPress site.

Thanks for using Domain Mapping System!

Domain Mapping System lets you map multiple domains to a single WordPress website. It’s a powerful tool that makes managing multiple domains and WordPress sites much easier. Read about the other benefits and features on our website.

We have a lot of plans for our development Roadmap, and we'd be happy to hear your requests.

For free users of the plugin, we've created Video Guides and this thorough documentation.

If you get stuck setting up Domain Mapping System, you can submit a ticket or email us at support@gauchoplugins.com with questions, and we'll do our best to answer your query via email.

We provide 1on1 support via live chat or screenshare for PRO customers.

Here are a few important things to help you set up Domain Mapping System to work properly.

  • Please double check that your DNS Records are configured properly for all mapped domains.

  • Please check your Server Configuration.

  • We created this YouTube playlist including everything you need to know about how to map domains!

  • This list will be updated with other important details. For now - the above is all we've identified that will help get you on the right path.

The best way to get in touch with our team is by opening a ticket or emailing support@gauchoplugins.com with the details of your question, feature request, bug report, or any other concerns. We’ll reply as quickly as possible, Monday - Friday.

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