Known Plugin Conflicts

These are all the known plugin conflicts that are unresolved for Domain Mapping System.

Yoast SEO [resolved]

When using the Yoast SEO plugin, some templates were not appearing properly. This is because Yoast utilizes $_SERVER global var to create page meta details. Naturally, it did not discover a URL for mapped pages, so it created the content using information from the homepage, causing the template to break.

Theme Template Incompatibility (Jupiter theme, etc) [resolved]

For any theme that is using the global $post; method after a tag is closed (which also means the wp_head action ends), we are now re-checking wp_head with a very late priority (99). Then, we are checking if Yoast is active, and if global $post; has changed, we bring back the right post value.

ASE Plugin causing Redirects

We've received reports of the ASE plugin causing redirects for mapped domains. The best workaround for now is disabling that plugin, as reports did not contain any suggestions about potential plugin settings that would support mapped domains.

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