Creating Microsites - Multisite Alternative

Create subsites on your WordPress website by mapping multiple posts or pages to a single domain. Excellent multisite alternative.

You can now create "Subsites" for your WordPress website!

After setting up Domain Mapping System and mapping a domain, add multiple posts to your mapped domain:

Once you've mapped the posts properly, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the plugin settings.

Microsite Homepage

Note: The radio button in the screenshot above allows you to set the Microsite homepage.

When you create a WordPress website, you have the option of setting a homepage in your WordPress website General > Reading settings. If you do not set up page there, your site homepage will default to the WordPress Posts Archive page.

When using that mechanism, WordPress strips the slug from any page set as the homepage.

For example, if you have a page set up and the slug is and the homepage is set up as the actual homepage in the WordPress General > Reading settings, then it will show up as when visiting the site.

When using Domain Mapping System, the plugin does not automatically map the alias domain to the WordPress Archive page by default. Instead, you must set up a Microsite homepage by using the provided radio button. The effect of the radio button is the same as setting a homepage in WordPress - the slug of that page is removed and becomes the primary page viewed when visiting the alias domain.

Because Domain Mapping System currently requires a Microsite homepage to be configured and the slug is removed from the post/page, any child pages under that post/page will retain their parent page URL structure. As a workaround to this, you can create an Archive page (or any page) to replace the WordPress default Archive homepage configuration, and your parent page and child page URL structures will be maintained.

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