This is the Changelog for the WordPress plugin Domain Mapping System.

1.5 (coming soon)

  • Group posts/pages by domain (allowing "micro-sites" to be created)

1.4.5 (coming soon)

  • Force site visitors to see the mapped domain of a page (e.g. - disallow visitors to see the primary domain of a page)

  • Ensure WP 5.8 compatibility

  • Ensure PHP8 compatibility

  • Update WP Admin menu item to be a top level menu item instead of a submenu item to find it more easily


  • Added support for query strings to PRO version

  • Updated free-premium upgrade flow


  • Updated Freemius SDK


  • Added UI message about server configuration requirements


Freemius integration means that: * Users can get in touch with our team for feature requests, questions, or issues of any kind directly in the WP Admin. * Users can upgrade plans and manage their license directly in the WP Admin. * Improved Security & Privacy options allow users to choose what you do with your data via the opt-in mechanism. * The Gaucho Plugins development team can focus on creating better features for Domain Mapping System.


  • Adapted to work with WordPress 5.5


  • Show all posts/pages/cpt-posts.


  • Added support for blog post Categories


  • Code Refactoring, got rid of DMS Menu-Class

  • Added support for Posts

  • Added support for CPT Archives

  • Some Admin-UI tweaks (chosen.js instead of HTML-Select, Post Type Selection)

  • To provide MU support, users must now be able to change settings instead of installing plugins to use DMS Options (Capabilities).


  • Fixed empty <select>-Bug


  • Added support for Custom Post Types


  • Instead of strange page hack, modify page query

  • Remove kill switch as it is unnecessary


  • No changes – initial release.